Things He’d Said, If He Spoke To You

by Allie Gove

His mouth finds holes in your brain, that tongue
bridges worlds between worlds and languages
              with oysters
                 with hives.
A horizon foams at your mouth
speaking down
             your spine
drizzling honey-sapphire tattoos on your back.
His voice lifts blossoms of mulch
                  and wet paint
                           into tar.

7 Nations by MARICAMA


Allie Gove lives in Sacramento, CA and writes both poetry and fiction. She currently attends CSUS and is a board member at the Sacramento Poetry Center. Her work has been featured in or is forthcoming from The Fat City Review, Black Fox Literary Magazine, Words Dance, Milkfist, The Bookends Review, Miscellany and the San Diego Writers, Ink Anthology Volume 9.