Meet the Assistant Staff (pt. 2)

Welcome the next five of our graceful and impassioned staff! –posted by Will Walawender What’s something you want to experience in the city while you’re here? Stalk Taylor Swift, pretend to bump into her, and then proceed to explain politely why her brand of New Feminism is destroying my childhood, because 14 year old me thought “Long Live” was the greatest song ever. What’s the … Continue reading Meet the Assistant Staff (pt. 2)

#FridayReads for 11/21/14

Victoria Provazza (Fiction Assistant) is reading Tumble Home: A Novella and Short Stories by Amy Hempel. What I find fascinating about Amy Hempel is that she starts every story with the knowledge of what the last line will be—which I absolutely love—and is able to build these beautifully complex stories around that one sentence. After attending a reading of hers a few weeks ago, I … Continue reading #FridayReads for 11/21/14