Mission Statement

LUMINA’s mission is to provide a journal where emerging and established writers and visual artists come together in exploration of the new and appreciation of the traditional. We want to see sonnets sharing space with experimental prose; we want art that pushes boundaries and bends rules with eloquence.

LUMINA, established in 2000, is the annual print publication of the Sarah Lawrence College graduate writing program. The journal is run entirely by graduate student volunteers who are committed to giving proper consideration to each unsolicited entry and publishing new artists and writers alongside their established counterparts.

Every year, LUMINA is greeted by a new editorial staff; as a result we are not tied to any style or subject matter. Instead, we seek the new, exciting and rule-breaking work from writers both established and emerging.

In the past, we have featured writers such as John Barr, Tao Lin, Jenny Boully, Sharon Olds, Kenneth Calhoun, Seth Fried, Cathy Park Hong, Rick Moody, Anne-E Wood, Dorothy Allison, and many more.