3 Poems by José Hernández

Muzi, from Fish Out of Water Series by Sunsun Liu
Muzi, from Fish Out of Water Series by Sunsun Liu

e. e. cummings is old hat

but it was a fine hat
            black-and-white jacket
café lantern smell of dose

piano light as rain
            ee cummings
is never will be old hat

stop to take a breath
            of moon release
the canvas Juan Gris was

Juan Gris is old hat
            Juan Gris is old hat
where does the pattern

pavement space of autumn
            you once held
piece of autumn y ou

once held the rope
            western night
of s hadow eastern sun

ee[c*u M ^m &I%n (gs
            w ill never be old hat –
poetry is DOO M
Ode to Nicanor Parra

I don’t like long hikes,
              I can stand the beach.
              Not when it’s crowded.
Fine dining is for degenerates.

              The Capitalist Orchestra
never did much impress me.
Winter is no reason to ice-skate
              downtown. Keep away, I’ll do the same.

No, I don’t want to get coffee.
              What good would that do?
              Often, in red, in rainfall, I sit in the rain.
Once words were worth more

              than management skills. Fame is
you got it all, why ask? Why pretend
to seek some sort of truth,
              what good would that do?
I’m thinking of hailing a cab

Telling them
     about Taxi Driver.
          How Paul Schrader
               & Scorsese are geniuses.

How someone
     like Travis Bickle
          seems rational.
               The mohawk.

The talking in the mirror.
     Except for the ending,
          which is far-fetched.
               Who would sacrifice

their well-being
     to prove a point
          about justice & morality?