2 Poems by Julia Rose Lewis

Julia Rose Lewis is the 3rd place winner of the LUMINA Vol. XIV poetry contest judged by Patricia Lockwood. Her poem, Re: Dream of Moss and Red Eft, appeared in LUMINA Vol. XIV alongside 1st place winner A.S.M. and 2nd place winner Brian Cooney.

Re: Pent Up Musings

So you say, not the silvers, all the forest and the fjords. The breed that I have loved from Norway. Yet western the golden horse with light the feather rings on lower legs and full length dorsal stripe. For slight this draft to march the heart and match the hair to braid around. They have the tale halefjær the oldest breed at viking burial sites. A slight draft opposite of your narrow and lengthy waterbody. I have explored for fjords are deeper than the nearby sea. Bring truth and beauty be the golden mean.

It's Time by Robert Minervini. It's Time appeared in LUMINA Vol. XIC
It’s Time by Robert Minervini. It’s Time appeared in LUMINA Vol. XIC

Is This Dissonance?

The mosquito was not afraid.

I saw it fly, perfect spirals form,
across the table.

The mosquito was too far from your
ear for you to hear its whine.

I was too far from forming it.

The gray warped boards of the table
wave, we’re too wide.

I am frayed.