New Steps, a Letter from the Editor

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Dear Readers,

    Way back in July, when LUMINA’s senior staff were newly inheriting their posts, Managing Editor George Sawaya and I were talking about the many different steps we wanted to take to push LUMINA further than it had ever gone before. With so many talented people on staff, it seemed like a ripe opportunity to open our literary journal to new projects and to expand upon the things that had been created and established in years past. Our first decision was the creation of an online digital edition of LUMINA. LUMINA Online Journal, as we envisioned, would open up LUMINA to the digital world, linking the traditional with the modern, a theme we’ve embraced these last few years, most notably with the creation of LUX Multimedia Journal. LUMINA Online would give us an opportunity to publish more work, expand our readership, and stretch our limbs out in multiple directions, grasping tightly onto our roots with one hand and the future in our other.

    What you will experience in LUMINA Online are beautiful, funny, heartbreaking, and elegant works of art and writing that speak to the core of what we are always trying to accomplish in everything we do. Our Digital Editor Benjamin Abramowitz has worked hard to curate and compile works that represent the vibrant pulse that moves between the emotional core and the intellectual heart of artistic expression. The result is a masterful online experience of literature. Within these “pages” you will find the birth of a whole new part of LUMINA, a place to play and grow, and a platform to experiment and share the amazing works we are honored and privileged to read.

Jessica Denzer
LUMINA Literary Journal, Vol. XIV