Hummingbird Wine

by Lara Koopmans-Hiller


She knows a thing about living,

of love, a generous line. She builds

shelters from sand, mixes

sugar with water for humming

bird wine. In her home she

sets out shells for wayward

crustaceans and

builds lean-tos of palm

fronds and plantains, sea glass

and chards; she photographs chalice



Her cupboard

doors are lined with fingerprint

dreams – maps of unchartered

seas, blue and green. Yet the wind

finds its way in, through louvered

screens. It hides by the bookshelves

counting pennies and seeds.

Each night, still she looks

to the sunset, shakes out

her sheets, and sighs

into the wind.


Lara Koopmans-Hiller is a Digital Literacy Advocate, Digital Asset Management Consultant, Dog Lover and Coffee Fan, and is currently working on what she hopes will become a children’s book.