Gallery Issue No. 6

Sarah Elise Abramson

SarahEliseAbramson_Folded Space (35mm)
Folded Space


SarahEliseAbramson_Julie with Orb and Water (digital)
Julie with Orb and Water


SarahEliseAbramson_Wax and Wane (35mm)
Wax and Wane
SarahEliseAbramson_What Have We Done (35 mm)
What Have We Done

Sarah Elise Abramson is an American fine art contemporary photographer who lives and works out of San Pedro, CA. She is inspired by the things that live in between – the odd, offbeat, and ambiguous – and is drawn to spaces of otherness, the grey areas of life, and things that cannot easily be labeled. She is an avid collector of all things strange and idiosyncratic, and she often incorporates these things in her work. Abramson has shown throughout the U.S. and internationally. Her website is You can also find her on Instagram @slow_toast.


Wu Chi-Tsung

WuChitsung_Crystal City 004
Crystal City  004
WuChi-Tsung_Crystal City 005 Plus Space Odyssey
Crystal City 005 Plus Space Odyssey
WuChitsung_Wire I
Wire I

Wu Chi-Tsung was born in Taipei, Taiwan (1981), and currently lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan. Wu received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Taipei National University of the Arts in 2004. His work, in which he devotes great attention to the methods used in producing and interpreting images, spans across different media, including photography, video, installation art, painting and set design. He received the top prize of the Taipei Arts Award (2003), was short-listed for the “Artes Mundi” (2006), received the “WRO Media Art Biannual Award of Critics and Editors of Art Magazines” (2013), and was short-listed for the “Prudential Eye Awards” (2015). More information and artwork can be found on his website:


Ellie Davies

EllieDavies_I Always Knew You'd Come Back
I Always Knew You’d Come Back


EllieDavies_Stars 14
Stars 14


Ellie Davies lives in London and works in UK forests.  She gained her Photography MA (2008) from London College of Communication. Shows in 2015 include ‘Outside’ at A-Galerie Paris, ‘Stars’ a solo exhibition at The Sophie Maree Gallery in The Hague, and ‘The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition’ 2015. Recent interviews include Cercle Magazine France, Hunger Magazine, Mull It Over, Urbanautica, Feature Shoot, The LA Times, Huffington Post, Slate Magazine, Blow and Doc! Magazine.



7 Nations

MARICAMA (birth name: Maria Camia) is a(n) Artist/Writer who creates fantastical, playful, spiritual work. She focuses on the highest potential of society and rewiring the brain with a new, more loving subconscious through a wide range of media: comics, illustrations, paintings, puppets, video, music, and theatrical performance. Through her silly ploys, she is deeply committed to the evolution of a higher consciousness. She is currently a first year Theater grad and attended Virginia Commonwealth University for her BFA in Sculpture + Extended Media.

Hayley Aviva Silverman

HayleySilverman_Candor (2016)
Candor (2016)


HayleySilverman_Installation view, Ellis King, Dublin, Ireland
Installation View, Ellis King, Dublin, Ireland


HayleySilverman_Spare Ribs III & Spare Ribs IV (2016), installation view, Drei, Cologne, Germany
Spare Ribs III & Spare Ribs IV (2016), installation view, Drei, Cologne, Germany

Hayley Aviva Silverman is an artist living in New York. Her working method is interdisciplinary and recent projects have taken form as sculpture, photography, and theatre. She received her BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2008 in Interdisciplinary Sculptural Studies. Her work, which has been analogized to a procedure of cathexis–investing objects with pathos and spirit– has been presented at SculptureCenter, Venice Biennial, Queens Museum of Art and can be viewed currently at MoMa PS1’s “Greater NY.” Her work can be found on her website:

Yeon Ji Yoo

YeonJiYoo_Blue Dream
Blue Dream


YeonJiYoo_Sketchbook, Page 1
Sketchbook, Page 1


Yeon Ji Yoo immigrated to the United States from South Korea with her family in 1982. Most of her knowledge of her mother country and the rural farmland she was born on are locked in memories from her childhood. As a result, her work today is indelibly marked by her remembrances and the childlike awe which shaped them. After earning her BFA at the Cooper Union, Yoo became an arts educator. In 2005, Yoo earned her MFA in New Forms at the Pratt Institute. She augmented her knowledge base by earning her M.S. in Environmental Science at the College of Staten Island in 2007 and continues her personal and artistic pursuit showing in New York. Her studio is based in Red Hook, Brooklyn.