Current Issue

Volume XII
VOLUME XIII is out! Our second year with color art, the winning selections of our 2014 Nonfiction Contest judged by Cheryl Strayed, an interview with Curtis Sittenfeld, cover art by street artist El Curiot. Featuring new work from Sharon Olds, Ed Bok Lee, Yusef Komunyakaa, Tony D’Souza, Kim Chinquee, Patrick Dacey, Jamaal May, Sarah Dohrmann, Christine Sneed, Amber Tamblyn, Jon Michaud, Ann Lauinger, Cecilia Corrigan, Erika Anderson, Joseph Scapellato, Kevin Pilkington and more!
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Fiction from:

Kim Chinquee, Joseph Scapellato, Allegra Hyde, Jon Michaud, Patrick Dacey, and Christine Sneed

Non-fiction from:

Marina Azahua (Translation by Madeleine Brown), Tony D’Souza, Sarah Dohrmann, Robyn Lynn, Erika Anderson, Jennifer Alise Drew, Shawn Fawson, Jessica Smith

Poetry from:

Jamaal May, Kate Ward Sugar, Sharon Olds, Ed Bok Lee, Yusef Komunyakaa, Ann Lauinger, Amber Tamblyn, Jon Sands, Kevin Pilkington, Cecilia Corrigan, Peter Vanderberg, and Julie Marie Wade

Art (in color!) by:

Baptiste Ibar, Deborah Farnault, Oriana Lewton-Leopold, Abby Goldstein, Pauline Watts, Valero Doval, Xan Medina, Heinrich Uldalen, Pat Perry, Joyce Ho, El Curiot, Marija Tiurina

And an Interview with Curtis Sittenfeld.