Indiegogo Update #1

As longtime readers will know, Lumina has, for the past few years, used fundraising campaigns to expand our audience, publish excellent work, and produce the best journal that our staff knows how to make. None of this would be possible without the unbridled generosity of our readers. Their donations cover printing costs, materials, design and the overall production of something as deceptively complex as a … Continue reading Indiegogo Update #1

Vol. XIV VIDA Count

For the first time in the history of Lumina Literary Journal, our VIDA count has more male contributors than female. Fear not though! The margin was miniscule with only one more male gracing our journal. Our count, done with the VIDA guidelines, has found our latest edition to have 21 females and 22 males. This accounts for all prose writers, poets, translators, and visual artists. … Continue reading Vol. XIV VIDA Count