#FridayReads for 2/20/15

Kristina Bicher (Blog Staff) is reading When My Brother Was an Aztec by Natalie Diaz These poems will give you vertigo: your ears will throb, your head will gyrate with images of unruly beasts and mesmerizing ancient gods, your mouth will fill with a rich lexicon that is wildly imaginative. These poems are at once raw and sophisticated. Savagery has never been so beautiful. Redemption never … Continue reading #FridayReads for 2/20/15

#FridayReads for 11/21/14

Victoria Provazza (Fiction Assistant) is reading Tumble Home: A Novella and Short Stories by Amy Hempel. What I find fascinating about Amy Hempel is that she starts every story with the knowledge of what the last line will be—which I absolutely love—and is able to build these beautifully complex stories around that one sentence. After attending a reading of hers a few weeks ago, I … Continue reading #FridayReads for 11/21/14

#FridayReads for 10/31/14

Friday Reads is when different assistants and editors tell us what they’re loving that they’re reading this week. Commence the deliciousness. Corinne Sullivan (Editorial Assistant) is reading Oliver Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout. Right now, I am reading Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout. Though I try not to make a habit of spending time with any book that has been hailed by The Oprah Magazine, Strout’s … Continue reading #FridayReads for 10/31/14

#FridayReads for 4/25/14

Julia Weiss (Poetry Editor) is reading Details of Flesh by Cortney Davis. Before you make assumptions – no, this isn’t some sketchy romance novel. Details of Flesh by Cortney Davis, a nurse practitioner and poet, is dedicated to the interiors of hospitals from salacious gossip that nurses share to direct quotes by patients awaiting their imminent death. Loaned to me by the gracious and brilliant Kate Knapp Johnson, this … Continue reading #FridayReads for 4/25/14

#FridayReads for 3/28/14

Edward Bandera-Duplantier (Editorial Advisor) is reading Lying Awake by Mark Salzman. Lying Awake is the story of a Carmelite nun who lives in a world without televisions, radios, and men. Sister John of the Cross has spent the last twenty-eight years searching for God, and like all the other Sisters there, she struggles to accept the reality that her life in service to God does not mean she … Continue reading #FridayReads for 3/28/14