Order Lux

Order Lux
This year, the Lumina staff is very excited to bring you our first Multimedia Edition, Lux, which is now available for pre-order. The finished product includes a letter-pressed cotton cover, and 28 pages of interactive material.

Order Lux for $8.00 by clicking the cover image to the left.

“We’re especially excited that we’ll be sharing a radio piece by Rick Moody—and giving you its fantastic prose in print, too, and poetry from Bianca Stone and Ken Cormier that live in the realm of YouTube as much as on the realm of the page.” – Carolyn Silveira, Multimedia Editor

The drive behind Lux was the desire to marry the ever-growing world of internet literature with the beautifully bound books that we all strive to remain loyal to.

What’s come out of that desire is 28 pages of gorgeous, exciting and interactive material. Each visual work of art, be that photography, painting or words, is paired with an additional, online element that can be accessed by scanning the QR codes or the artworks themselves with your smart device.

Miss the launch of Lux? See the photo re-cap here.