From the New Exec Board for Lumina Vol. XVI

Welcome to LUMINA Vol. XVI: Borders and Boundaries!

LUMINA’s mission has always been to create a journal where the experimental and traditional are celebrated together, transforming into something innovative and exciting.  As the new Executive Board, we are continuing this work, while also looking to engage diverse writers across disciplines, identities, geography, and form. We will continue to bring you the elements that make us stand out: writer interviews, translations, international graffiti art, multimedia pieces, and the nonfiction contest.

The thread that runs through each issue of LUMINA is the stellar quality of artists we collaborate with year after year.  We offer you two big changes, though, with this volume of the journal.  First, the senior staff collectively decided to create our first ever themed issue: “Borders and Boundaries.” We are looking for bold, beautiful, and new interpretations of all the ways we interface with borders and boundaries in our world. This theme ranges from the personal to the political.  It inhabits both our interior and exterior lives.  We are looking for art that pushes boundaries and bends rules with eloquence.

The second change this year: we are merging LUMINA, our print journal, with LUX, our multimedia chapbook.  LUX has been one of the most cherished elements of the LUMINA experience, giving the reader the opportunity to interact with both text and visual art in entirely new ways.  We look forward to continuing our exploration of multimedia, making it a more integrative and compelling part of the journal.

We are ready to bring you another beautiful LUMINA volume in 2017(in hand and ready to go for AWP in February!), and we thank you for your continued support. We have an exceptionally talented staff that is already challenging us to push our own boundaries of what we thought was possible.

The three of us are very proud and humbled to share this journey with you!

Sincerely yours,

Rachel, Tania, and Isabel

LUMINA Vol. XVI Editorial Board

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