Goodbye from your Editorial Board of Vol. XV

What a year it has been.
Tory, Katie, and I would be lying to you all if we said our time as the Editorial Board of LUMINA Vol. XV was easy.
So, instead, we’ll say that we have spent the last year growing as artists and leaders. We’ll say that we produced three stunning imprints of a journal run by a crew of remarkable graduate students. We’ll say that those remarkable graduate students worked tirelessly to provide you with a third edition of LUX, our multimedia journal, overflowing with art and music and video and spoken word. We’ll say that we produced two issues of LUMINA Online, each unique and popping with talent. We’ll say that LUMINA Vol. XV is a concoction of vivacity and blood and magic. We’ll say that we are thrilled to have accomplished all that we have, and we are thankful to each and every contributor, each and every staff member, each and every writer, each and every artist, each and every confidant at Sarah Lawrence and beyond who trusted us, who gave us the privilege to create.
Vol. XV is for us. Vol. XV is for you.
As we pass LUMINA on to next year’s staff, we have complete confidence that LUMINA Vol. XVI will shine even brighter.
Rachel Parsons, Tania Pabon, and Isabel Anreus: it’s all yours.
Thanks for having us,
Sarah, Tory, and Katie