Lux Launch(ed) 2016

Lumina Readers

Welcome back, fans of the Lumina blog. It’s been a while since we last updated, but rest assured, we are back. We hope you enjoyed the winter holidays, the new year, and the once yearly sighting of an incredibly rare bird, the Superb Owl. For those of you unfamiliar with the Superb Owl, it’s always a treat, even when the bird itself doesn’t look that good. Still, people around the country take its appearance as a good omen and often spend the predetermined day consuming inordinate amounts of food and gathering for parties to celebrate.

We here at Lumina also celebrated a milestone of our own a little more than a week ago. We’ve been talking about Lux for a while now and we’re happy to report that Lux finally, well, launched.

Turnout for the launch was impressive, and we were joined by such literary luminaries (no, I’m not sorry for that at all) as James Hannaham, Kalila Holt, Bill Moran, and Joe Pan. Lumina’s genre editors, Melanie Anagnos, Marie Marandola, and Steven Wolf Nesbitt also read.

Check out pictures from the event below, or by heading to our Facebook page and checking out our Lux Launch 2016 album. In addition, be sure to check out Bill Moran’s incredible performance at the event, also below.

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