Indiegogo Update #1

As longtime readers will know, Lumina has, for the past few years, used fundraising campaigns to expand our audience, publish excellent work, and produce the best journal that our staff knows how to make. None of this would be possible without the unbridled generosity of our readers. Their donations cover printing costs, materials, design and the overall production of something as deceptively complex as a literary journal.

As of the time of this writing, our fundraising campaign, which can be found here, has raised $216. We’re incredibly grateful for those who already donated, but we’ve still got a ways to go to reach our goal of $3000.

So drop by, check out all of our cool rewards (which includes signed copies of SLC luminary David Ryan’s Animals In Motion), and if you like what you see and can spare some money, donate! Just think of it: for the cost of a drink, you can contribute to the future of Lumina. Speaking of drinks, did you know that December 5th marked the anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition? And do you know what pairs well with a drink? Literature. What kind of literature, you might ask? A brand new copy of Lumina, made possible by you. Isn’t that a lovely thought?