Are You Ready To YAWP?

On the second Monday of every month, Brooklyn Poets (a non-profit organization cultivating and inspiring both young and old poets to uphold the spirit and quality of the birth-place of American Poetry), offers a $5 workshop led by some of the best contemporary poets of today. This week Wendy Xu, the author of You Are Not Dead, will take the one-hour workshop to focus on how the concept of power is sprinkled throughout colloquial language and everyday material (i.e. your recent Sallie Mae statement or your craft class syllabus). Wendy Xu, a New York City local, plans to illustrate how to rework this “found” or “random” material by shaping it to “take aim at the institution of power” as a whole.  So, did I mention that this workshop is only $5?

After the initial workshop, BK Poets host an open mic that starts, normally, with the workshop leader reading a couple of pieces from their latest book. Not only do emerging and established writers get an unbelievable deal on working with someone like Wendy Xu, but they also get to hear her read from her latest collection–something I feel helps attendees find a better understanding on how the YAWP leader grounds their own work.

If you’re interesting in attending one of Brooklyn’s finest/cheapest workshops and open mic’s, check out or if you’re interested in attending Wendy Xu’s worksop tonight at 61 Local, follow the FB link:

-Rachel M. Corso

Social Media Content Writer

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by: Jonathan Volk (Poetry Foundation)
by: Jonathan Volk
(Poetry Foundation)