What We’re Looking For: Online Journal Editor

What I am looking for in a submission is a glimpse of the world beneath surfaces, whether in fiction, poetry, or non-fiction. There are times when this glimpse comes in a moment, when the work moves and then rises and falls to a particular instant when the surface is broken and something real and true is revealed that takes my breath away.

There are other works where this glimpse is something always moving just beyond my reach and I must strain to see and understand in a way that enlarges my own experience of the world.

I find these moments when the language is beautiful and sings, but also in voices where the words are clean, simple and direct. I find them in the mundane, but also in the strange and terrible.

That is to say, the form of your art is not the defining criteria. What it does – the experience it creates and the way it allows the reader see the world in a new and more revealing light, is.

I know that submitting a work can be an anxious experience, especially for new writers. Please feel confident that your work will be read with humility and care and will be given every consideration.

Our guidelines for submission can be found at: Online Submissions

I look forward to reading your work.

John Vineyard
John Vineyard, Digital Editor, Vol. XV