What We’re Looking For: Multimedia (LUX) Editor

LUX, the multimedia literary journal that seeks to cherish the tangible page and unite it with the oft exciting and ever-growing webpage, is going into its third edition! Over the past two years, the paperback journal has led its readers further than most—first you’re staring at the beauty of a portrait and next thing you know, you’re listening to an author read their poem.

As last year’s editor of LUX, Suhasini Yeeda, put it—multimedia is limitless. So going into the third edition of LUX, we will strive to continue to push the boundaries that don’t exist.

What are we looking for? To put it simply: an element of surprise. When reading or listening to a piece, I would love to walk away having learned something unanticipated. Whatever genres you pair, whether it be a poem and a short film, a short story and a song, or a photograph and a podcast—look to provide an experience; let each story element bring something new, convince us that while one can stand alone, it shouldn’t. Think of the art you have seen, or the prose you have read, that left you wanting more. I would love to read something, or see something, that leaves me itching for something else. And find that else online.

In this new version of LUX, we would like to see a larger element of radio fiction and nonfiction; if this is at all inspiring to you, I highly recommend This American Life or The Moth for further inspiration!

The concept of LUX is a gift to artists; it’s an opportunity to expand upon where you’ve been and to inhabit genres you’ve always wanted to explore. It’s a roundtable for writers, filmmakers, radio artists, photographers, musicians and more, to translate roles and go further.

We do ask that you please keep prose to under 1000 words. You can find our complete list of guidelines on the website. The art and writing will be printed in the physical book and will be linked with the audio or video accompaniment on our website. Simply send us an audio or video file along with the written or artistic work!

I can only hope that the opportunity to submit to LUX leaves you as inspired and excited as I am simply anticipating the submissions. Embrace the freedom and dimensions of LUX. Surprise us!

Skye Davis, Multimedia (LUX) Editor, Vol. III
Skye Davis, Multimedia (LUX) Editor, Vol. III