Meet Your New LUMINA Assistant Staffers!

Let’s get personal. Find out who we are, what we’re looking for, and get to know more of the Sarah Lawrence College graduate students behind Lumina!

sarahSarah Dean
Editorial Assistant

I am: Beetlejuice.

Seeking: Beetlejuice.

For: Beetlejuice.


corinneCorrine Sullivan
Editorial Assistant

I am: an introvert.

Seeking: a quiet room.

For: reading my books.

soniaSonia Evers
Editorial Assistant

I am: typically hungry.

Seeking: a burrito.

For: filing my stomach until the next meal.

Kate Bonadieskatherine b
Creative Director Assistant

I am: a deep thinker.

Seeking: enlightenment and friendship.

For: personal growth, happiness, and adventure along the way.

Victoria Provazza
Fiction Assistant

I am: an observer.

Seeking: to refine my unflinching gaze to see the world.

For: what it is–and what it could be!


Aria Chiodoaria
Nonfiction Assistant

I am: an inquisitive dreamer.

Seeking: knowledge of all kinds.

For: a fulfilling life to share with other knowledge-seekers!

marieMarie Marandola
Poetry Assistant

I am: PF Flyer-wearing local legend.

Seeking: ninth man.

For: playing baseball, eating smores, pickling beasts, etc.


Aaron Berkowitzaaron
Multimedia Assistant

I am: a man.

Seeking: partners.

For: exploration.

Nicola Sebastian
Online Journal Assistant

I am: a world shaped like a question mark.

Seeking: a word that is also an answer.

For: an ending that is just the beginning.


Úrsula Fuentesberainursula
Translation Co-Editor

I am: what Julio Cortázar called a cronopio.

Seeking: other cronopios.

For: twitterpating.

Sam Hoagland
Translation Assistant

I am: a recovering megalomaniac.

Seeking: seeking a qualified kitten.

For: a dangerous mission of feline espionage.  Also for cuddling.


Will Walawenderwill

I am: a boy with motivation issues.

Seeking: motivation.

For: the strength to kick ass in the Sarah Lawrence fiction MFA.

arobertsonAdrianna Roberston

I am: an obsessive dreamer.

Seeking: more sleep, old libraries & any furniture I can paint.

For: a more well-rounded (and colorful) existence.


Melissa Heronmelissa

I am: an Outspoken Lioness.

Seeking: a muse.

For: the creation of the indisputable master piece that is jussssttt out of my reach.

shakeraShakera Grant

I am: the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time).

Seeking: an equally G.O.A.T. partner, a bag of popcorn, and a free flight to a place of my choosing.

For: fun in the sun, a scuba diving partner, and someone to remind me when I should be serious about life.


Hazel Everetthazel

I am: Hazel.

Seeking: weird, chubby man with me colored fetishes?

For: an erotically feral tussle in the rain.

MerylMeryl Lee

I am: an adverb.

seeking: nouns and verbs.

for: a complete sentence.


Kristina Bicherkristina

I am: the girl of my own dreams.

seeking: neon miracles.

for: now or later.

celesteCeleste Hackenberg
Art Director

I am a rebellious optimist.

seeking the destruction of conditioning and the systems that no longer serve us.

for the evolution of our species, harmony and love!

Rachel Gold
Marketing Assistant

I am: Drinking Pina Coladas in the rain.

Seeking: Someone not into healthfood and into champagne.

For: Escape.


Nina Chiappetta
Grant and Fundraising Assistant

I am: a brown-eyed girl.

Seeking: a blue-eyed boy with heart a-thumping.

For: laughing and a-running, skipping and a-jumping in the misty morning fog.