What is LUX?

A lesson from Suhasini Yeeda, Multimedia Editor (LUX)

LUX is a Multimedia literary journal, run entirely by Sarah Lawrence grad students. It came into fruition last year. It was born as an experimentation on what a literary journal could be. A coming together of both old print media and new and expanding technology.

But before go any further, we must define ‘multimedia’. As lovers, followers, and creators of the written word, we all can appreciate a good definition once in a while.

Multimedia: (noun) the use of a variety of artistic or communicative media.

When we break apart LUX and see it for its juicy skeleton within, that is what we come to—multimedia. LUX is combining curious art forms that would otherwise not be expected in a literary journal. A painting and a sound bite. A poem and a QR code. A moving image and a song. Multimedia is the mixing together of strange.

We at LUMINA want to offer our readers an alternative to a traditional literary journal. By using the beauty of tradition (a paperback journal) and introducing new and exciting technology, we’ll be able to hopefully give you a journal you’ll never get bored of.

Last year, Nicole Coultier, Christina Harrington, and Carolyn Silveira were able to build an amazing LUX Volume I out of thin air. They really made the whole thing seem effortless, and we know it wasn’t. We are so thankful to have been given such a solid foundation to build and expand upon.

We hope to do them proud with Volume II.

Our vision for this year is to expand upon LUX’s original vision. We want to keep the mission solid, to include as much multimedia art as possible. We want to make this volume a tad bigger, including more text and expanding to slightly longer pieces. And my favorite expansion, we want to include twice as much visual art as we did in Volume I. Multimedia visual artists welcome. Musicians welcome. Filmmakers welcome. Podcasts welcome. We are open to the new and expanding world of visual and literary expression here at LUX, and we hope to find that you are too.

Submissions are now open to writers, musicians, painters, photographers, radio fiction artists, filmmakers, etc. You fill in the blank. Multimedia is limitless.

Suhasini Yeeda
Multimedia Editor (LUX)
Lumina Journal