March Good News Roundup

Gregory Robinson (Lux) recently put out his new book, All Movies Love the Moon: Prose Poems on Silent Film. Watch the trailer above.

Eson Kim (Vol. VIII) was just named Runner Up in Sycamore Review’s Wabash Prize for Nonfiction (judged by Cheryl Strayed). Her story, “Up Against,” will be published in Sycamore Review’s upcoming issue. She will be guest speaking on May 3rd at “The Muse & The Marketplace” writing conference in Boston, giving a talk on the “Essentials of Character.”

Susan Calvillo (Vol. XI) is the author of Excerpts From My Grocery List (Beard of Bees, 2013). It is available for free download at the publisher’s website. She has mistranslated the “best poems” of 2013 which can be viewed on the Potential Cadavers blog. Her work will be displayed in the exhibition “Thank you for Failing” presented by Kearny Street Workshop, taking place March 17 – May 9 at the Asian Resource Center Gallery, Oakland, CA.

Melissa Crowe (Vol. XI) published her chapbook Girl, Giant with Finishing Line Press in December, available for purchase through the Finishing Line website or Amazon.

Molly Tolsky (Vol. XII) is managing editor for the new literary magazine, No Tokens, started with several other Sarah Lawrence MFA graduates. The launch party at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn on March 27th will feature readings by contributors (four of whom also happen to be past Lymina contributors) Rick Moody, David Hollander, Jeffrey McDaniel, and Anne-E Wood. Details on the Facebook event here.

Steven Ramirez (Vol. XII) published his most recent story, “Pendejo Theory,” in this spring’s PANK No. 10. You may purchase a copy of the journal at An excerpt from Steven’s forthcoming novel Vikingmen was published in Hot Goat Smell: An Anthology of Renegade Writing (Lulu Press) and can be purchased here.

Marin Sardy (Vol. XII) published essay “Disintegration, Loops” in Post Road, No. 26.

Patrick Burns produced documentary film “Cutie and the Boxer,” nominated for an Oscar. He attended the ceremony in Los Angeles.

Susan Nisenbaum Becker has been reading from her new book of poems, Little Architects of Time and Space, published in October, 2013 by WordTech/Word Press.  She’s read in Boston, Cape Cod, Cambridge, Newton, and will have dates this year in Philadelphia, New York, Boulder and Delray Beach.