Welcoming LUX Into the World

Lux Logo FinalA special announcement from our Multimedia Editor, Carolyn Silveira.


Back when we put out an open call for multimedia submissions, our crazy new project didn’t even have a name. But we were so thrilled with all the incredible, inventive, exciting, moving, and challenging submissions that writers from around the world sent our way, and I’m proud to announce that the first-ever edition of LUX, our now officially christened multimedia journal project, is really happening. After reading, listening to, watching, scanning (!), and heatedly debating a number of poems, stories, radio pieces, and uncategorizable projects, we started to see this very first issue take shape.

Like a new, just-named baby, you’re not surprised to see some of the ways it reflects its lineage and family—its interest in language, experimentation, and social consciousness. Yet you’re also surprised as a wholly unique personality begins to emerge—humor, a risky edge, meditativeness.

We’re especially excited that we’ll be sharing a radio piece by Rick Moody—and giving you its fantastic prose in print, too, and poetry from Bianca Stone and Ken Cormier that live in the realm of YouTube as much as on the realm of the page. You’ll have to wait until LUX is published to see what I mean, but you won’t have to wait long. We’re throwing a launch party on the evening of Wednesday, December 18 at Gallery Bar, and we’d be just delighted to have you join us.