Michaela Florio as The Raven

Last night, LUMINA held a haunted Halloween party featuring a spooky reading contest and a bevy of dead authors and literary monsters. The winner of our reading contest was Assistant Blog Editor Amy Carlberg. The winner of our costume contest was Nonfiction Senior Reader Michaela Florio as Poe’s infamous raven.

Amy and Michaela have graciously given permission to let us share their contest-winning goods.


Untitled (Amy Carlberg)

We’re one-half of you.
on a bad day.
Your flesh
is rational, ours
a sextuplet birth
of horror flick reincarnation.
We do not take shit
from your lawnmower blades,
baseball bats,
cooing guns
thrumming in your jacket like snake eggs.
My child
is hidden in my throat,
my only organ.
We two
are free of your systems,
digestive and cardiovascular.

When the shell cracks inside me
and she slides out black as rain,
I will not suffer her fangs.
She will come quickly,
as blessings should.