Some Thoughts From the Blog Editor

It’s September once again, and the start of a new semester. As a student I like to think of this time of year as another New Year’s Eve, another chance to reflect on what I want to accomplish and how to make it happen. There’s something special and rejuvenating about those first few fall breezes (even if the summer humidity still comes around at night). LUMINA has also gotten into the spirit of growth, setting some new goals for our 13th volume. How’s that for luck?

This blog space serves as a supplement to our annual publication. One of our challenges as an annual is staying on our readers’ radars between launch dates. Our online activity this summer is just a taste of things to come. Each month, we’ll be sharing news from our past contributors, who have achieved so much since their first appearances in LUMINA. We’ll be keeping you up to date with our activities throughout the year, from events we attend to the ones we host. And twice a month, our staff will be sharing what they are reading as a part of the #FridayReads conversation.

We’ll also be bringing you blog-exclusive interviews with writers and artists, as well as reviving material from our printed archive.

There are other great things in store for you – and us – this year, including our first-ever multimedia project. This is a unique opportunity for us to merge writing and technology, by directly linking specially selected written work with audiovisual companion pieces.

LUMINA has grown so much since its debut in 2000. If you haven’t picked up a copy of Vol. XII yet, please do – it’s beautiful. Watch this space for announcements about our multimedia book and Vol. XIII. Watch this space every Tuesday for the latest and greatest from our staff and contributors. I’m so excited to be able to share this year’s growth with all of you.

Happy reading!