August Good News Roundup

A hearty round of applause for this month’s featured contributors!

Angela Beallor (Vol. VIII) is a recipient of a 2013 Jerome Foundation Travel & Study Grant. She will be traveling in Lithuania, Belarus, and Russia in the Fall of 2014. Click here for the details of her project.

Maria Chelko (Vol. VIII)  was just awarded a 2013 Poetry Society of America New York Chapbook Fellowship for my manuscript Manhattations (judged by Mary Ruefle).

Jon Irwin (Vol. VIII) was made a staff writer for Kill Screen, an arts and culture company interested in the intersection between games, play, and design. We publish a website and a quarterly journal, and this past May ran our first annual conference, Twofivesix, bringing together industry leaders to discuss the present and map out the future. It was groovy. And in Winter 2014, Boss Fight Books will publish his first nonfiction book, Super Mario Bros. 2. Each title at Boss Fight will focus on a single classic video game. The model is similar to 33 1/3, which publishes books based on single albums. The press is just getting started–they held a successful Kickstarter campaign this June to secure early funding and gauge interest–but so far, response has been solid. If people are interested, they can find out more (and pre-order!) here.

Christiana Langenberg (Vol. IX) was recently featured in the Huffington Post. Click here to read her short story, “Pearl.” Langenberg was also the keynote speaker at the Midwest Writing Center’s David R. Collins’ 2013 Writers’ Conference. “Between Word Greed and Abandonment:  Learning to Love the Process,” was the title of her talk. Additionally, her award-winning essay, “Foiled” is forthcoming in the fall issue of Passages North.

Gleah Powers (Vol. X) has stories forthcoming in Red Savina Review, Souvenir Lit Journal, Prime Number Magazine online, Prime Number Magazine Editors’ Selection Volume 2, and Prime Mincer Press. Powers also received an award from the Barbara Deming Memorial fund and is seeking representation for a new novel and short story collection.

Inara Cedrins (Vol. XI) recently published a Baltic anthology of contemporary poetry, three books for Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, with the University of New Orleans Press. Cedrins edited the three books and translated much of the poetry in the Latvian book; Julie Kane, the Louisiana Poet Laureate for the 2011–2013 term, wrote the Foreword for the Lithuanian book and translated several of the poets. The books feature Cedrins’ linoleum block prints on the covers. There was a presentation in Riga in June of the Latvian book; there will be a presentation in Tartu of the Estonian book on September 24th.