Good News Post – July Edition

Each month, we collect the latest and greatest announcements from our past contributors. Here’s all the good news we rounded up for the month of July:

Susan Nisenbaum Becker‘s first full-length book of poems, Little Architects of Time and Space, will be available from WordTech in August.

Pamela Hart was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts creative writing fellowship in poetry in 2013. Her project for the fellowship probes the seams of family, community, and the military, exploring this overlooked territory through oral histories, interviews, newspaper accounts, and personal experiences. Her poetry will be included in A Slant of Light, a collection of contemporary prose and poetry by women writers from New York’s Hudson Valley to be published by SUNY Press. She is is writer-in-residence at the Katonah Museum of Art where she directs an arts in education program called Thinking Through Art: Young Writers & Artists. She mentors for the Afghan Women’s Writing Project. In 2010, she was named inaugural poetry fellow at the Purchase College Writers Center.

Alyse Knorr‘s first book, Annotated Glass, has launched from Furniture Press Books.  Furniture Press is also offering offering some amazing subscription deals as a fundraiser to support their ten-year anniversary reading tour in the fall.

Joseph de Jesus will be reading at the Couplet reading series (part of the Poetry Festival of New York, Governor’s Island) with Rachel McKibbens and others. Visit link for information and to RSVP via Facebook.

Joseph Ponepinto‘s collection of short stories, The Face Maker and Other Stories of Obsession was recently released by Woodward Press. The collection includes my story that ran in the latest edition of LUMINA, “Nixon in State.” The book is available on Amazon in both print and Kindle versions.

Tao Lin‘s recent book TAIPEI was a New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice for the week of July 5 (4th from bottom).

Steven Ramirez‘s most recent short story, “Alien Interview,” will be published in the 2013 Santa Fe Literary Review this August. The story is available online here.

Lori Compton has two essays republished on PhoneFiction (1, 2). Please note: login required to read these essays in full.

John Hogan‘s manuscript The New West has been honored as a finalist for the 2013 New Southern Voices Poetry Prize, via Hub City Press.

Congratulations to everyone! We look forward to bringing you more good news in August.