New Books of Poetry from LUMINA Contributors

Lumina contributor, Sally Van Doren’s new Poetry Book is out from LSU Press called Possessive which can be purchased on Amazon.

Uttered in intense lyrical bursts that reflect the poet’s command of language both familiar and strange, the visually dramatic moments gathered here probe the time-honored themes of love and death with candor and intimacy. The poems range in tone from a tongue-twisting search for identity to a plea to engage others in the refutation of pain

Dream Street Details
There’s good news for past contributor, Linda King, as well. Her new book of poetry, Dream Street Details, was recently published by Shoe Music Press. It is also available for purchase on Amazon.

Linda King’s “Dream Street Details” identifies the storyteller’s struggle for the word, trapped in a netherworld like some minor character with few reference points, learning as they go, filled with wonder, terror, and everything in between. As one forever sewn to their past, especially their childhood, the consistent narrator of the poems certifies that “language does such gentle harm in its steel needle stitching of stories.”

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