Red Sofa Salon and Poetry Workshop

Red Sofa Salon

For our readers in Philadelphia, there’s a new poetry workshop starting up next month in your area! The workshop will take place at the home of Hila Ratzabi on her comfy red sofa. Hila is a LUMINA contributor, Sarah Lawrence alum and former LUMINA Editor. Here’s what she had to say about the upcoming workshop:

The Red Sofa Salon and Poetry Workshop is a brand new literary gathering in the heart of West Philadelphia. Taking place twice a month in a cozy home living room, we read and discuss poems, receive feedback on our own work in a trusted group setting, and enjoy delicious, homemade vegetarian food! The first workshop takes place Monday April 8, 2013.

Reading, discussion, workshop, food — sounds perfect to us.

To read more about the workshop, Hila, and the story behind the illustrious red sofa, visit and take a seat!