Get Out! Book Signing with Mira Ptacin

GetOut_FrontEven more AWP events to look out for!

On Thursday, March 7th, head over to the booth and say hello to Mira Ptacin! Mira is a LUMINA Contributor, former LUMINA Editor, and currently runs the writing program at

Then, on Friday, March 8th from 2-3 p.m, Mira will be signing books for Cherry Bomb Books’ Get Out! anthology  at Table L11.

In Cherry Bomb Books’ own words:

“In this collection, twenty-one fearless writers examine reproductive rights, access to health care, violence against women, and the rise of rape apologists in the twenty-first-century United States. Illuminating intersections of gender, class, and race, these stories speak to the challenges women routinely face, the attempts to undermine their rights, and the deliberate, systemic erosion of their agency and existence as equals.

It’s time to revisit what’s at stake, what could still be lost, and why we must continually fight for equality and freedom for all.”

So, go check it out!

More LUMINA Contributors at AWP.


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