Downpour in Marshall County, Mississippi by Marielle Prince: A Poetry Recording

A new poetry recording has made its way to our page!
Marielle Prince won second place with the following poem in LUMINA’s 2012 Poetry contest judged by Carolyn Forché. Thank you, Marielle, for sharing this poem with us again in your own voice.

Downpour in Marshall County, Mississippi

by Marielle Prince

These are the no-good rains
lifting stinks in mists off the asphalt,
mists that thicken as we gather,
that stick on us each and stick us together.

Here we are in our sheer air garments–
there go the no-good rains
down the drains to ferment.

Under roads, the no-good rains
become Calypsos, waiting for wanderers–
the cave-coursing waters whisper:
we will cover over.

A county over, the residents of Coldwater
are biders, sharing a refrain in their shelters:
out come the sun again, out come the sun….

Coldwater has already gone under;
in vain we take Route 78
hoping to escape the no-good rains
gaining in the gutters.

Here we are, trusting in our tires, staying
off the shoulders, turning up the wipers–
here come the no-good rains from the sewers.

Here come the no-good rains
to meet the drivers–distracted
by drips, drafts, the cracks in the seal.
There go our reins, no good, there go the wheels.


Marielle Prince is a native of Durham, North Carolina currently working on her MFA at the University of Virginia. In addition to the recent appearance in Lumina, her poems can be found in The Collagist, Shenandoah, Spoon River Poetry Review, 32 Poems, and The Greensboro Review.

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